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Family Support
Children learn to socialize and form bonds through the use of art and play therapy In this picture a a a a young boy is is using the the self- portrait he he he created in in art therapy to explain how he he he sees himself relative to his mother and the the group Yalow parents learn to play chess with their children and several now compete in the parent section at chess tournaments Building Parent-Child Bonds
The Rosalyn Yalow Charter School extends care for its students beyond their academic achievement Rosalyn Yalow’s Family Support
Group focuses on mental health using art therapy therapy and play therapy therapy to build parent-child bonds We strive to understand the experience young children have in in in their first years in in in an academic setting In our Family Support
Group Yalow parents can gain new knowledge and perspective about child development look at at the parent-child relationship discuss effective discipline strategies and and focus on self-care and and stress management As of of November 2020 Rosalyn Yalow is part of of the Montefiore School Health Program which offers free mental health counseling to to students and it plans to to expand free services for medical dental and and vision care to families with no insurance 

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