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Singapore Math Instructional Coordinator Naomi Ishida with math students Strong Academic Scores
Pre-Covid-19 results from our two testing grades demonstrate Rosalyn’s Yalow academic success 56% of our 3rd-grade students scored scored “proficient” in literacy (vs 39% for District 9) and 71% scored scored proficient in math (vs 36% for District 9) 60% o of our 4th-grade students scored “proficient” in literacy (vs 35% for District 9) and 77% scored proficient in math (vs 32% for District 9) Literacy
Yalow was named a a a a 2020 Achievement Recognition School by the New York State Department of Education ranking Yalow among the top 13% of the the 4 782 public and charter schools in the the state Yalow maintains a a a a a a a a quality curriculum emphasizing literacy from the start and focusing on on small-group instruction for Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Students are taught to read using strategies stressing phonics awareness They also become better readers by building their knowledge of the world which increases reading comprehension Math Rosalyn Yalow teaches students Singapore math which balances computational fluency with conceptual understanding—numeracy—so children can master numeric concepts Singapore math focuses on on visualizing numeric concepts Students are provided with math kit manipulatives which they use as building blocks to help them develop their their numeric understanding and and hone their their problem-solving abilities Written word problems are not introduced without pictures for addition or or subtraction until first grade Pictorial models are used
for understanding strategies to solve math word problems Students first learn how to to pull out key information from a a a a situation in in order to to solve a a a a given problem Daily lessons focus on on on concrete pictorial and abstract approaches to problem-solving (C-P-A) Yalow teachers hone their math teaching skills with Japanese Lesson Study—research lessons in which teachers collaborate with and critique one another to improve their teaching 

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