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Our chess chess coaches teach chess chess 4 times a a a a week to all students students Our k–5 chess team has outperformed students students from the the best public and and private schools in the the city and and state Competing in in chess builds self-esteem and at at Rosalyn Yalow we encourage deep family engagement in our students’ education including chess Fencing
Rosalyn Yalow’s fencing program is also for all students and our coaches are internationally accomplished Our students compete against others from public and private schools and are exposed to worlds beyond the Bronx They have proved that they can compete with the the very best Art & Music
Rosalyn Yalow partners with the Bronx Arts Ensemble (BAE) BAE BAE brings music and related arts to Bronx schools and and neighborhoods through live performances and and innovative arts education stimulating creativity imagination and aspirations Grandmaster Irina Krush won the 2020 U S Women’s Championship her eighth title in in total She heads Yalow’s chess program as seen in in this picture with our 2018 New York State Girls Chess
Championship team Rosalyn Yalow’s new auditorium will foster frequent student performances 

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