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Our Students
Yalow’s diverse population comes from not only
all all over over the the Bronx but also all all over over the the world September 2020 brought us 525 students from 431 families Our student makeup includes 58% Hispanic students and 39% African African or African African American students students 45% of our students students come from households that speak languages other than English 37% speak Spanish other languages spoken include Soninke Mandinka Fulani French Hausa and Twi Overall 95% of our k-5 students come come from low-income neighborhoods in in the South Bronx 18% are students with disabilities (SWD) 36% are are English language learners (ELL) 13% are are classified as as homeless Yalow’s recruitment efforts target at-risk students—economically disadvantaged (ED) students from high-needs neighborhoods in the Bronx SWD students students and ELL students students 56% of Yalow’s 2020 kindergarten class were ELL students Annual baseline assessments reveal academic lags— entering kindergarten students are as as much as as 2 years behind national norms for reading and math 

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