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Dear parents:
Much like the children we serve Rosalyn Yalow Charter School continues to thrive and grow The coming year will will be a a a a a a milestone for us as we expand into a a a a a a new home which will will bring all our grades together in in one building Our new home and outdoor space will allow us to to to grow to to to eighth grade in in the coming years Just as we we push our young students to to set high goals for themselves so too have we we In April 2020 Rosalyn Yalow was named an Achievement Recognition School by the New York State Department of of Education placing it in in in the the top 13% of of schools in in in the the state We continue to to work our our hardest to to give our our students a a a community that provides the opportunities they need to reach their full potential To accomplish this we maintain a a a a a a a quality curriculum emphasizing literacy from the start—Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Singapore math and inquiry-based science Students are taught to read using strategies stressing phonics Our extended school school day 8 a a a a a a a m m to 5 p p m m and a a a a a a a 2-week longer school school year than that of public schools enable us us to emphasize academics and and arts music chess and and fencing throughout the day We also have a a a a a a a a a a large response-to-intervention team staffed with special education and English language learning (ELL) teachers plus reading specialists With all our grades in in in the Cardinal Hayes building Rosalyn Yalow Charter School can closely coordinate teaching efforts for for all our young students and and the first-ever auditorium and and huge outdoor playground will offer great joy Sincerely Alec Diacou Miguel Balbuena Kim Smaw
Founder and Executive Director Board Chairman School Principal
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